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Holistic energy medicine of the 21st century

Scio Biofeedback Bioresonanz zum Abbau von Stress auf allen Ebenen

Scio is a biofeedback and bioresonance device that, as such, combines a wide range of alternative medical treatment options for body, mind and soul. These are various well-known naturopathic analysis and therapy methods such as TCM, homeopathy, Bach flowers, Rife frequencies and many more. Treatment is in the form of electromagnetic frequency therapy.



Processes and areas of application:


• Mental stress, stress analysis and coping

• Treatment of shock experiences

• Vitalization in case of burnout and chronic fatigue

• Assistance with ADD / ADHD

• learning and Difficulty concentrating

• Treatment of the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments

• Analysis of the nutrient and energy balance

• intolerance testing and degradation

• Removal of various contaminants (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, heavy metals and.

Environmental toxins)

• Stabilization of the hormone system

• Balance acupuncture points, meridians and chakras

• Harmonization through colors, Bach flowers, gemstones etc.

• Handling systems (families, companies, etc.) or situations



Scio's area of ​​application goes far beyond the areas listed here. For example, remote treatment and the treatment of animals are also possible and extremely effective.



Being in the flow means happiness and wellbeing.

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