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The soul also needs relaxation in between

I have been dealing with energetic healing methods for many years. In parallel to studying psychology, I did various training courses in this area and had many wonderful experiences. For me, the two approaches are inseparable.


My areas of responsibility include psychological counseling, aura clearing, scio biofeedback treatments, repatriations and geomancy. With the different methods or their combination, both psychological and psychophysiological stress can be treated very well.


In the treatment of physical complaints and mental disorders, I would like to point out that these do not "replace" the doctor's visit, but can be seen as a very good addition to conventional medical treatment.


The release of blockages or stressful issues in the energy field brings body, mind and soul into harmony. This allows the energy to flow freely again and the self-healing powers are activated!


From own experience:


Each treatment process has to be considered individually. The number of treatment units varies accordingly.


By combining psychology with the various energetic approaches, an efficient and rapid, but gentle treatment of deep-seated (usually very painful) topics is possible. As a result, fundamental changes can often be noticed after a short time.


From experience, I recommend a basic treatment of three to five sessions, because it is important to give deep processes enough time to develop.


Of course, energetic treatment can only be used to do something good in between, to escape everyday stress and to recharge your batteries.


Cleanse your mind and your soul can heal!

By releasing blockages, the energy can flow freely again

and the self-healing powers are activated!

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