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Feel refreshed, strengthened and full of life energy!

Auraclearing bzw energetische Behandlung

In aura clearing, mental and physical stress is clarified via the subtle energy body. The individual aura layers and chakras are treated or balanced and blockages are released. In addition to current emotional issues and physical ailments, karmic issues are also resolved in the course of aura clearing. The origin of psychological and psychosomatic problems is often far in the past - in childhood or even in previous lives.


Our unconscious as well as everything that burdens body, mind and soul is accessible through the aura - all information is stored here. Aura clearing can therefore not only address and clarify the symptom, but above all the immediate cause.



Areas of application:


• Psychological stress

• stress reactions (irritability, exhaustion, ..)

• fear and insecurity

• Shock experiences / traumas and their consequences

• Other emotional burdens

• Family / partnership / children

• Professional issues

• Personal development

• headache, difficulty concentrating and learning

• Various physical complaints and illnesses

• Chronic fatigue, listlessness and lack of drive

• Support for burnout, depression and panic attacks


Aura clearing can cover many topics

be solved very quickly and effectively.

The result - you feel refreshed, strengthened and full of energy.

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